Starting the Fab Journey

Yesterday, the 27th, I decided to download a self-improvement app named “Fabulous: Daily Motivation.” I have been working to improve myself for the last 3 years at least. So far, I have been unsuccessful. But this app states it uses university research on Behavioral Economics to model its program so I figured it was worth trying. 

The app works by giving you the mindset that you are going on a journey. It gives you challenges in the form of routines. These routines have habits in them that you are to complete. Starting small, these habits will become normal for you and then your overall well-being and self-perception will improve. The app says to give it 15 days as to whether I will see an improvement with myself or not. 

I have accepted this journey! 

Challenge 1: Drink water when I first wake up in the morning 3 times/days

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